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E-mail Service

E-mail Service

Service Intro:

Our email services have two methods to access mail. (Webmail & Mail agent)
1. Webmail:  
    Please kindly refer to the following website, " ", and log in your username and password.


** The meaning of webmail's icons. **


** The Setup / Preference icon's next layer icon. **



2. Mail Agent: (Like as Outlook)
    This system supports POP3, IMAP and POP3 with SSL protocols to retrieve your mail, and SMTP protocol to send mail.
    All mail services' server are "".

   Mail Services and service port

Server Protocol Name Port number SMTP 25 SMTP with TLS 25 POP3 110 POP3 with SSL 995 IMAP 143 IMAP with TLS/ SSL 143/ 993


3. Forward mail

Please kindly refer to the Preference page to configure the “Forward mail”. Thus, You can forward your mail to another mail account (ex google or yahoo) directly.



Please kindly contact with Mr. Chen directly. Phone# 6235