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Wireless Network


1.Use 802.11b/g standard NIC to connect the wireless network(SSID is wireless).

2.Set the TCP/IP to "Obtain an IP address automatically"

   and "Obtain DNS server address automatically"

3.Open your browser

4.A wireless network account login frame will appear.

5.Enter your e-mail account and password.

6.Start using the wireless network.

Wireless Network Coverage area 


1.College of Engineering

2.College of Humanities and Social Sciences

3.College of Management

4.College of Architecture and Planning

5.Engineering Building П

6.R&D Building

7.International Conference Center

8.Library and Administration Center

9.Dormitory meal

10.Activity center


1.Around Chung Hua Lake

2.Around Duck Lake

3Around the nursery

4.Front of the R&D Building


6.Basketball court

7.Front of the activity center

8.The lawn after college of Architecture and Planning

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