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Personal Web Services

Personal Web Service


Service Intro: 
Computer Center provides a platform to create your personal web service by mail account. 


Service Target:
All CHU faculty, staff and students.

Related procedures of applying the account:
The web account is the same account as email.


How to create personal web service?  
The example will be shown as below.

Step 1:Make your web content
You can use software like as Dreamweaver, Notepad, Word, Powerpoint to make your web contents (HTML).

Step 2:Upload your web content
1.The web contents should be in subdirectory of your home directory. The subdirectory's name is "htdocs", and upload whole web contents to htdocs subdirectory.

2. Use FTP client (ex: filezilla) connects to workstation (
3. Use Internet Explorer to connect and login with your account.



*** Login to workstation (ws1) ***


Workstation (FTP server)

Step 3. URL of Personal website.

Please kindly contact with Mr. Chen directly. Phone# 6235