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Internet Service account

Internet Service Account


Service Intro:
The primary mission of Computer Center, CHU is to: Maintain campus network system, set up campus communication system, FTP Service, VPN Service, Wireless Service, provide campus-wide Internet service mechanism, set up and provide Free Software license, maintain E-mail system. Moreover, Computer Center is responsible for development and maintenance of school’s computerized administrative system and supporting e-learning.

All the important notices will transmit by email. Please remember to confirm the mail.


Service Targets:
All the faculty, staff and students of CHU.


System Quota (The system provide the email, personal web, web disk and user's home directory usage.) :
Undergraduate student: 300MB.
Graduate students: 500MB
Faculty ,staff and Department: 2GB


Related procedures of applying the account:
Students: All the CHU Students will be given an individual ID.
Faculty and Staff: These users should apply their ID at administrative system. Please kindly refer to the name of item- [計中E-mail及個人網站帳號申請表].


Outlook and webmail can be used at the same time 

Please kindly contact with Mr. Chen directly.  Phone # 6235