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Division of Information System

Mission Profile

The division provides computerized operations to administrative units within the University. It integrates the information management systems of payroll, personnel, student affairs, accounting, academic affairs, and property management through internet and a distributed database. It aims to promote the computerization of all administrative affairs of the University, and also to establish a unified administrative system to provide better information services for the University.


  • Management of Information Database.
  • Information Systems for the University
 The design and maintenance of systems relating to University Affairs Comments and Suggestions, Message Board, etc.
  • Information Systems for the Office of Academic Affairs/Research and Development/International Affairs
 The design and maintenance of information systems relating to Research Projects, Academic Achievements, and International Exchange Students and Procedures for Leaving the University, etc.
  • Information Systems for the Office of General Affairs/Personnel Office/Accounting Office
 The design and maintenance of systems relating to Personnel, Salary, Cashier, Accounting, Official Letters, Official Notices, Movable Property, Lecture Theater and Meeting Room Reservations, Second-Hand Information and Property, Attendance, Leave, Parking and Receipts, etc.
  • Information Systems for the Office of Student Affairs
 The design and maintenance of management systems relating to Student Associations, Events, Sites, Research Student Bursaries, Study & Work, Freshman Health Information, Student Loan, Tuition & Fee Reduction, Low-Income Compensation, Penalties & Rewards, Advisor/Student General Information, Conduct Grade and Overseas Chinese Students, etc.
  • Policy Making Support Services
 Provide statistics for data such as Budgets, Number of Faculty and Staff Members allowed.

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